The COVID-19 Analytics

When the virus started in the City of Wuhan China on late December last year, who would have though that it would start a pandemic. The virus had since cross borders into other countries, even those that are considered as superpowers.

I live in Island of Mactan, smack right in the center of Philippines. We have been in locked down since late march and it has been extended lately to late April. I have experienced lockdown couple times in the past but this is a bit different we don’t see our enemy.

A week ago, i was told by my friend to work on our old proposal to Department of Health, to provide them the tool that would enable their frontliner to work safely, efficiently and in realtime. Our goal is to provide them data analytics on health issues and program. The goal back then is intended for Tubercolosis and Dengue program for the governemt. To monitor and track the trend of the ongoing outbreak.

One example is Dengue, it has no known cure or vaccine. It kills more children than other diseases and there is no stoping it. Our idea is to enable centralize entry of patient data record so we can monitor the status of an outbreak. Apart from centralized system we also keep the record private in relation to any Data Privacy law of this country.

But like any other govt proposal, it will always fall in deaf ears. We simply can take a foot hold.

The pandemic begins

During early February the COVID-19 pandemic had started to get worsen by the day, as numbers piling up there was no sign of stoping it. Each country had started to report of COVID-19 cases. This exposes our govt in ability to stop, mitigate and probably eradicate this unseen enemy. AS frontliners started falling down there was no sign of improvement in the system.

My friend told me that this is the opportunity we have to really pushed on our old proposal. Took as 3 days to create a lighter system intended for this crisis. Our system will focus on the data analytics provided by the frontline responder to enable the Govt agency in realtime data and reporting without having to worry about inconsistencies on manual and redundant entry.

Our goal is

  • To provide frontliners a tool to input data on any devices where ever they are.
  • To provide government agencies a realtime data so they can make decisions based from analytics
  • To improve monitoring of patient by allowing doctors, nurses and hospitals manage the data of the patient
  • To follow all data privacy practices to avoid leaking patient information

Analytics to fight COVID-19

It is not a secret that data analytics is a double edge sword, it can give insights on whats really going on and it would give decision maker an edge on how to react and proactively create policies in avoiding it.

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